Meet our Leadership Team

Led by Rob Walker, UpCycle Builders, Inc. was born out of 4 generations of construction experience in the Bay Area. We care about our clients, our employees, our build partners, and of course, our projects. We believe planning and preconstruction are the greatest determining factors in a successful build, and we believe in the big picture, and doing what is right to ensure we are here for generations to come.

Rob Walker,

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Todd Binder,
Chief Operating Officer

Gretchen Salisbury,
Chief Financial Officer

Zach Laurie,
Project Manager

Chris Swim,
Project Manager

Alex Santos,
Site Superintendent

Bill Earley,
Site Superintendent

Kevin Coney,
Site Superintendent

Our Team

At UpCycle, we recognize that our success is based on the hard work of all team members, from top to bottom. Respect for the individual is paramount, as is our commitment to our values.

Our Values


We manage expectations proactively, so that all involved are aware, and to avoid surprises. It’s why we are better.


We focusing on results, and what works.


We put ourselves into the work, rather than just showing up.


We do the right thing with every decision we make.


We know the fundamentals of our work, and perform them consistently.


We have the fire power to readily solve problems and get the job done at a high level.


We take responsibility for what’s ours. We know when to ask for help. If there are complications, we address them with dignity, as team, and move on.

Growth and Learning

We are always learning, always hungry, and always refining.